“She [the woman] never writes her own life and scarcely keeps a diary; there are only a handful of her letters in existence..”
– Virginia Woolf –

The Women’s History Archive collects paper, audio and visual documents resulting from the theoretical research and activities of Centro delle donne- Bologna and Orlando Association. As an important crossroads of contemporary feminisms, the Archive also preserves the documentation of other groups and associations, of local, national and international events and networks. The collective testimonies are flanked by some personal archives.

The funds

Special Funds The result of donations from feminists and exponents of culture, the Special Funds give an idea of their personal libraries.

Digital paths

Visiting difficult places


Rosa Manus, a woman to remember

Oggi, in occasione del #GiornodellaMemoria, celebrata il 27 gennaio per commemorare le vittime dell’Olocausto, vogliamo ricordare Rosa Manus.
access_time 20 May 2021 / The history of women

The Archive in the convent of Santa Cristina

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